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Club Mate Cola 0,3l

Club Mate Cola 0,3l

Club Mate Cola 0,3l

The successful, more than 85 years old recipe of Club-Mate combined with the taste of cola offers a totally new and extraordinary taste adventure. Only with natural caffeine from mate, the kola nut, tea and coffee. No added artificial caffeine.

This taste is a natural secret. It stimulates, refreshes and vitalizes. It is extracted from nutmeg, orange blossom, ginger, limepeel, pine, cassiacinnamon, calamus, ceyloncinnamon, lavenderblossom, algarroba, ysopkraut, bitter orange, cola-nut, vanilla beans, zittwerroots, coriander, cardamom, mate, valerian, violaroots, bergamot, coffee beans, cloves, galangalroots, peppermint.

Abounding with polyphenols and catechins = natural antioxidants A very special kind of cola with that certain something.
In stock :  20 pcs
499 Ft
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